Saturday, March 23, 2013

 My Talisman’s Mark

Michael James Fry
Hear me now ye demons that oppress
for I keenly observe thy wickedness.
One by one how thy plots to depress me
now strengthen my fruitfulness!

Your time slows whilst my time flows
whenever God is found abounding,
Yet I feel your zeal to seal the deal
and steal what’s real, unbending.

Many wonder when pondering the sights
in their eyes when they look at you.
Many more meandering inside
the lights ye hide thyselves as,
so vastly and ghastly untrue!

As a man of truth I give proper credit
wherever and whenever it’s due;
yet it plainly takes no sleuth of heavenly couth
to know this as the very plain truth:

     Whilst thou art known in the galleys of rumors
     that behold a description of you -
     I know I’m no Lincoln,
     but I’m still thinkin’
     ye ain’t my John Wilkes Booth!

          This is because  . . .

Soon the tables will be turned
for moments of Light are fast approaching!
Oh, how they are nearing!
From this I know where the winds will blow
     when catharsis shows us God endearing!

Ye thinks ye hath me ready to kill,
yet I hold tight to the stillness of my inner faith;
and "Steadiness in freedom fathoms like a balance to behold,” I saith!

For indeed,
our history together is an ugly one, an unholy roustabout to abhor;
but I fear not for I’m trudging not along your ways of nethermore,
no longer kissing the dead route to hell you sell,
no, not anymore.
We spoke of time, and mine is fast upon me!
The Kingdom of Heaven is near; the place you fear,
far apart from atonement with the Devil,  that evil mirror.
It is not that Old Serpent who cowers at the sweet name of Jesus,
and from all things holy? 0, is it not he of whom I avenge?
It is not my bold faith which towers over thee, in the sweet name of Jesus;
exposing the unholy business of which I destroy, yea, my revenge?
Your time is short; and so in short,
ye should sanely abort thyselves away from me.
I don’t work for you or your forbidden fortress of
“I would if I could but not for free.”

Know the structure of my shield; and fear the dead weight of my axe
for your toolshed will yield its turning to go a ’burning to the max -

For thou art exposed!
I plainly see thee like never before!
I see thee!
I warn thee beware of how I see!
Now I dare thee peer into what I see, if ye hath the courage:

Just before dawn I pray to God to show me the way of the day
Even before I see what comes next, I’m swept away in the wave of the sway
Sunshine sometimes, sometimes not - I score in the war of our history
Useless ways, abusive crimes, these are the times we all watch closely
Screw the moments these demons bring, singing bullshit, so morosely.

Christ is the Path, the Way and the trigger substance of all eternal Life -
Hark! My guardian angels sing with stinging delight all night!
Rising Phoenix from my carnal ashes brings light alive and true,
In Christ there is freedom; a brand new mix trading the old for the new
Steady me no more upon thy delicate imbalances, 0 forces of the dark
Termination of you is my fateful duty, my final resolution,
  My Talismans’ Mark

Repentance shows how thy philosophy blows, it sucks to be with Satan
Ultimately, though, thy hypocrisy shows and I see myself unshaken
Love is Law in the heart of The Successful Soul, in high triumph over thee
Every spirit everywhere now opportunes the table of life in me
Suddenly I've bloomed and am able, never so stable and faithfully free!

~Michael James Fry
  Saturday, March 23, 2013
  New York City